Carl Hyde

Carl Hyde loves developing software, particularly low-level systems aspects, though I have no problem with front-facing work as well. In the past, I've done a great deal of work in C++ and C#, and would consider them, as well as Java, as my primary strengths.

Posts by Carl Hyde

Project Transfer Strategies

Learn how to facilitate the transfer of a project from one team to another with these project transfer strategies. A well-planned hand-off, gradual transition, and embedding knowledge in the infrastructure of the code are key to making the process successful. Discover why it’s important to have an agreed set of artifacts, the benefits of having both teams work on the project simultaneously, and how to transfer knowledge in the infrastructure to avoid confusion when new developers take over the project. These strategies can enhance the usefulness of comprehensive documentation rather than replace it.

Web Apps vs WinUI 3 Apps for small, custom applications

Discover the benefits of Web Apps vs WinUI Apps for small custom applications with Imaginet’s latest blog post. Learn about the cross-platform compatibility and easy deployment of Web Apps, and the native performance and modern design capabilities of WinUI Apps. Choose the right platform for your project based on your specific needs and requirements. Read Imaginet’s expert analysis now!