Microsoft 365 CoPilot Services

CoPilot Services

CoPilot has many intricacies and unique features that can elevate your business.  At Imaginet, our experts can help your organization adopt CoPilot and integrate it with your current systems without disrupting the flow of your business, allowing you to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 environment. 

Increase output and efficiency with CoPilot

CoPilot is an AI tool designed to help increase your productivity, enhance your creativity, and allows you to stay connected to your colleagues. CoPilot can have a significant impact on your organization and the way work is completed.  

Our team of experts will help you implement CoPilot and provide training on how to use it effectively. As a certified Gold Microsoft Partner, we want you to get the most out of your CoPilot investment. Our goal is to work with you so you can take advantage of this incredible new Microsoft feature and drive organizational growth.  

  • CoPilot for Microsoft Teams – CoPilot can help you make the most out of your online meetings. You can automatically transcribe your meetings, receive real-time feedback and suggestions that will help improve communication skills, track your meeting goals and agenda, and more. CoPilot for Microsoft Teams is unparalleled in assisting with work tasks.
  • CoPilot for M365 – In your Microsoft 365 environment (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), users can create text and then have Copilot complete or rewrite it. Copilot can summarize a document and provide a concise overview of the contents. It can also turn text into data tables.  
  • GitHub CoPilot – This tool was designed to help developers write better code, faster. Auto-creation of test cases from selected code, auto-creation of a service from a chat prompt, inserting code from comment prompts, answering questions from comment prompts, and more are some benefits one can get from using GitHub CoPilot. While GitHub CoPilot is an impressive new feature, its infancy means some issues are currently present. As it matures, it will continue to improve. 
  • Project Enhancement – Elevate your projects using data generated by your organization (emails, documents, calendars, contacts, etc.).   
  • Idea generation – With simple directions, CoPilot can help you generate content ideas for emails, newsletters, social media posts, articles, case studies, and more.  
  • Save time – Implementing CoPilot into your daily work routine will save you time and allow you to devote more of your attention to other projects.  

SharePoint & CoPilot

Simply describe the website or page you want to create, and CoPilot in SharePoint will turn your descriptions into SharePoint sites and/or pages. CoPilot in SharePoint reduces time spent on creating pages and offers high-quality pages you can be confident in. At Imaginet, our consultants can easily implement SharePoint CoPilot and create whatever website you have in mind. We provide solutions that fit our client’s organizational needs and offer training and education to ensure you get the most out of your SharePoint investments.   


Microsoft CoPilot Studio

Microsoft CoPilot Studio allows you to customize, build, and design your CoPilot your way. You can customize conversations that need specific responses for set situations (like compliance or regulation). Workflows can be automated, allowing you to devote more attention to other business matters. Microsoft CoPilot Studio connects your data, providing insights to help make informed business decisions. You can also share webpages with your CoPilot where it can summarize the text or answer questions you have about the page.  

The possibilities with Microsoft CoPilot Studio are numerous. We have highlighted a few of the capabilities and benefits of this feature. Contact us to see how Microsoft CoPilot Studio can best be used for your organization. We can help implement this technology so your workforce is empowered to make informed decisions and automate certain work tasks.  

CoPilot in Power Apps

CoPilot allows you to build custom apps (and the data behind it) simply by describing what features you would like the app to have. Your apps will therefore have CoPilot experiences automatically built in, allowing users to discover insights of the app. You control the data the app will collect.

CoPilot for Power BI

Want to hear more about what CoPilot and Imaginet can do for your business? Reach out to us today!

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