Emily Meyer

I am a data engineering consultant experienced in crafting robust solutions for diverse clients. I'm driven by an insatiable quest for knowledge with passions spanning across cyber security, cloud migration, database optimization, statistical analysis, and data transformation.

Posts by Emily Meyer

What’s the Delta with Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse?  

What is Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse? That is a great question that can only be answered if we get some definitions straight: Delta Lake – a low-cost data storage framework that stores data in open-source, generic file formats such as Parquet and their metadata, typically in the cloud. Parquet – a data storage file format that organizes and compresses data as columns within groups of rows to optimize query time. Delta – a data storage format combining Parquet files with corresponding JSON metadata to enhance data use and traceability. Lakehouse architecture – a pattern of organizing data that prioritizes data management and optimization features such as ACID transactions (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, … Read more

Defending the Digital Realm: AI’s Influence on Security 

The Changing Face of Cyber Threats through AI & AI’s Influence on Security Business professionals today use the term AI to describe a variety of advanced systems. The most common areas include image processing, natural language processing, recommender systems, or popular chat bots such as ChatGPT. These systems have a variety of uses from automating tasks and gaining data insights, to suggesting recipes given a list of ingredients! The techniques are often thought of as ‘intelligent’ because they enable machines to mimic human-like cognitive processes. Yet, there is no actual thinking happening. These are complex models which use techniques like backpropagation, statistics, and non-linear relationships. These tools can recognize patterns invisible … Read more

The Silent Saboteur: How Technical Debt Undermines Development

Technical debt is a serious issue. Learn what it is, how to prevent it, and how to fix it.

Agile demos and the importance of continuous feedback

Demonstrations are integral in ensuring a Business Intelligence or Data Engineering solution will meet our client’s needs. It is often only after a business user has experimented with a solution that gaps become apparent. Therefore, we prioritize bi-weekly demonstrations of ongoing development and getting the solution in the hands of the user as early in the development process as possible. These goals are fundamentals of the agile framework that Imaginet uses.