Michael Veroukis

Michael is a seasoned programmer analyst with a B.Sc. Computer Science and over 20 years of experience. He has an extensive background in mobile development, web development, object oriented programming, relational database development, client-server architecture, UX design and strong problem-solving analysis who works well in team environments.

Posts by Michael Veroukis

Managing Open-Source Dependencies with JitPack

Managing dependencies for your Android app has gotten a lot easier with tools such as Gradle, but there is still one big gotcha that it cannot solve: The dependency itself. It is quite normal for a single Android app to have dozens of third-party dependencies, most of which are open-source. There are many benefits to using open-source libraries, but there are some pain points too. For instance, a dependency may contain bugs, lack needed features, or may have been abandoned by the original developer. In this article, I will discuss ways to deal with that, leveraging the powers of Git and the online service called JitPack. JitPack Basics What is … Read more

Guide to Blazor JavaScript Interop

Guide to Blazor JavaScript Interop Blazor is an exciting new framework from Microsoft that allows us to create full featured websites using C# instead of JavaScript. Like many web frameworks it provides for data binding and event handling, which binds DOM elements defined in our HTML to data sources and callback methods in our .Net code. Binding uses a declarative approach as opposed to the programmatical approach typically employed when using JavaScript directly. However, there are cases where binding is not enough and it is necessary to directly invoke a JavaScript function from a .NET method, or conversely, have a .NET method invoked from JavaScript. To make this possible Blazor … Read more