Project Summary

Updated Technology & Enhanced Applications Simplifies User Experience

Updated Technology & Enhanced Applications Simplifies User Experience

A leading transportation and logistics management organization contracted Imaginet to modernize some of its existing applications. The client’s finance department utilized old technologies and web applications that they wanted to convert to desktop applications. Our team successfully converted two applications to manage financial reports and payment processing and ensured identical functionality to the old legacy solution.

We thoroughly examined the source code of the old applications to determine how the logic should flow in the new system. We used Visual Studio 2019 and WinForms for the framework, focusing on the proper organization of the code in a way that was easier for the client’s team to maintain and edit.

Our comprehensive quality assurance process caught any minor errors or inefficiencies, and our team promptly adjusted them. We also created an error handling process for all of their applications to automatically notify the client’s IT department should an issue arise.

From deployments to production, the client trusted our team’s judgement and know-how to modernize their applications and set up their new solution. With Imaginet’s expertise and proactive approach, the client managed to get the timeline and targets for their project back on track to have it completed on schedule.

Technologies Used

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