Application Modernization: A Roadmap to Success  

November 9, 2023

Application modernization

Do you know how many organizations have their own custom line of business applications? Do you know how many of those applications were built by someone innovative and savvy enough to produce a tool that made certain tasks easier, to then share that tool company-wide, where it slowly became central to day-to-day operations? At Imaginet we have seen this situation countless times. Often, these tools start out as Microsoft Access database apps. At other organizations, there is usually an individual in-house with a software development background or education who can create a desktop or web application and maintain and update it.

This approach can lead a business to evolve into one that takes advantage of the benefits of custom software with a low-cost entry point. However, it is highly likely you will encounter one of three typical problems:  

  1. Scale – as your organization grows and the number of people using the application increases, the original application will encounter problems related to scalability, performance, distribution, reliability, etc. What do you do when that old MS Access application is unable to handle the growing user load? 
  1. Age – often, these applications are built by people who are knowledgeable about a particular technology, such as Visual Basic, but lack experience in modern software development technologies and processes. As your business encounters problem number 1, how do you modernize your application? How do you adopt new technologies? How do you move to the cloud? 
  1. Support – frequently, the development and support of these early applications are executed by one person. What happens when that person leaves the company due to retirement, a new opportunity, or other reason? How do you perform maintenance on the application when your one in-house developer can’t handle the demand? 

In more than 25 years as a software consulting service company, Imaginet has observed these common problems and more. We have successfully rescued many applications from these problems, taking them and the companies that use them to the next level. Imaginet’s consultants are experts in evaluating the current condition of your applications and identifying a modernization roadmap that will propel your company into the future. Here’s where to begin: 

Step 1 – contact Imaginet to have one of our solution architects establish where your organization is now and where it needs to go – build the roadmap!  

Step 2 – outsource your application to Imaginet’s development team to execute the established roadmap and set your business up for years of success.  

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Darren is an expert in Application Modernization

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