Case Study

Boost Productivity & Insights with TFS and ALM

Imaginet’s in-depth ALM knowledge helped a leading heavy equipment company gain practical insights, immediate productivity, and improved software delivery as a result of their new Microsoft TFS upgrade.

Business Situation:

A large construction product distribution company faced several challenges with their custom-built applications, including a low maturity level, a lack of tools, and interactions with PMO that impeded velocity.

Solution Story:

Imaginet Case Study | TFS and ALM

This client approached Microsoft with some challenges in their current application development process. They required expert insights to be able to boost their productivity and Microsoft recommended they work with Imaginet due to our strong ALM practice and expertise.

Imaginet was selected to perform an ALM assessment and TFS upgrade. The Imaginet ALM assessment used the Application Platform Optimization (APO) Model. The APO model provides a framework for customers to achieve a sustainable approach to prioritizing IT investments that fuel business growth.
The assessment focused on current development processes and recommendations for process improvements, including a gap analysis and roadmap to improve ALM practices.

At the request of the Business Process and Systems (BP&S) department, Imaginet conducted an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Assessment Workshop with the following objectives:

• Assess the current state of maturity of the software development team
• Surface existing best practices
• Generate a preliminary roadmap to implement improvements
• Increase team knowledge and usage of Team Foundation Server 2010
• Achieve better integration within the various disciplines
• Achieve greater productivity through fewer project spin-up
• Achieve the greater ability to deliver more value in smaller intervals
• Provide better metrics on application development activities
• Provide more transparency into development activities

Following the initial ALM assessment, Imaginet was engaged for an additional 3 weeks to upgrade their TFS environment and to provide mentoring to their team.

The client received a TFS configuration tailored to their requirements, including integrated best practices, just-in-time mentoring and education, and a flexible engagement model.

Since the initial ALM assessment and subsequent TFS engagement, this client has approached Imaginet to assess their SharePoint development environment for the Application Development team.

  • Imaginet recommended 8 areas for enhancement based on this client’s organizational model.
  • Governance
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Development
  • Software Configuration Management
  • Testing and QA
  • Requirements Management
  • User Experience Best Practices

Imaginet‘s specialists brought together the people, processes, and technology to ensure a complete end-to-end strategy and solution.

Total Duration: 4 weeks

value provided

  • Successful platform migration with immediate productivity
  • Customized education, mentoring, and support
  • Improved software delivery capabilities

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