February 1, 2024

Software Development Trends

In the last few years, we have witnessed unprecedented changes and advancements in technology, which have impacted the world of software development. These changes have presented organizations with additional opportunities and have allowed them to achieve new successes. The ever-changing world of technology can be difficult to keep up with. Trends change quickly and new products and solutions are consistently introduced. We have compiled 5 software development trends to help you understand what to keep an eye on in 2024.  

Artificial Intelligence Explosion 

Artificial intelligence is opening doors for software development both in enabling efficient work experience for developers through tools like CoPilot, and by augmenting the applications themselves. AI can provide efficiency and reduce errors by automating mundane and repeated tasks. In applications, it provides customers with a much more personalized experience. 

Cross Platform Development 

More and more organizations are moving to using cross platform development frameworks like Flutter, React Native, and MAUI to develop applications that can run on Windows, Android, and iOS with a single codebase targeting them all. This leads to much faster development times and reduces the complexity of maintenance since updates and fixes only need to be applied to a single codebase, instead of 2 or 3 different ones. 

Increased Cloud Adoption 

Whether it’s Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, more and more organizations are adopting cloud-provided solutions. While the cloud itself is far from new, it is still the case today that far more organizations are still using on-premises infrastructure to host their applications and databases, than are using cloud providers. This trend will continue to expand as more and more of these organizations transition from on-premises to the cloud. 

Microservice Architecture & Containers 

Microservices are more scalable, maintainable, and flexible than traditional monolithic applications are. Coupled with an increase in cloud adoption is a continued move toward microservice architectures, enabling organizations to be more adaptive, resilient, and quick to respond to the needs of their customers. Combined with containerization they can be quickly and easily deployed in isolation without the need to validate and test the entire monolith. 

Low Code/No Code Solutions 

What’s old is new. Where in the past tools like Excel and Access gave power users and non-developers a means to build some applications without requiring custom development, now there are again many options for low code or no code solutions through tools like Power Apps, which provide easier and faster development of applications by allowing pre-built components and functions to be added into the solution. 

We will continue to see massive shifts in technology and software development, not just in 2024, but as technology continues to evolve. Automation, a better customer experience, and reduced errors are just a few of the benefits of the software development trends we have highlighted in this blog. It is exciting to see how we will continue to benefit and be impacted by new software development opportunities. This begs the question: which of these trends are you most excited for? 

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Software Development Trends

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