Chue Yee Xiong

Chue Yee Xiong is a Software Developer for Imaginet with experience in mobile and web development using Xamarin, NativeScript, and .NET frameworks. He has a passion for constantly learning new things and has worked on the design and development of mobile and web applications for use in the financial and government industries.

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Part 4: Which Cross-Platform Mobile App Framework Is Right For You?

Looking for the right cross-platform mobile app framework? Compare the features and benefits of popular frameworks like React Native, Flutter, Ionic, and Xamarin to find the best fit for your project. Get started building your app today!

Part 3: Cross-Platform Mobile App Frameworks – NativeScript

NativeScript is the ultimate cross-platform mobile app framework. Create native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with a single codebase. Get started quickly with built-in templates and components, and use powerful tools to develop your app faster.

Part 2: Cross-Platform Mobile App Frameworks – Xamarin

Xamarin is the leading cross-platform mobile app framework for building native iOS, Android, and Windows apps. With Xamarin, you can create beautiful user interfaces and share code across platforms. Get started with Xamarin today and build your..

Part 1: Intro to Cross-Platform Mobile App Frameworks

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Mobile App Testing: Using Emulators, Real Devices and Mobile Devices Cloud Testing

Get the most out of your mobile testing with emulators, real devices, and mobile device cloud testing. Test on a variety of platforms and devices to ensure your app works as expected. With our comprehensive suite of tools, you can be sure that your