Mike Diehl

Mike Diehl is the practice lead for Databases and Business Intelligence at Imaginet Resources, a Microsoft partner with offices in Dallas, Calgary, and Winnipeg. Mike has over 20 years of experience using Microsoft database technologies and is an expert in Agile Analytics, Scrum, Kanban, and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

Posts by Mike Diehl

Power BI Licensing Simplified

Get the most out of Power BI with our simplified licensing options. We offer a range of plans to fit your needs, from basic to enterprise-level. With our easy-to-understand pricing and support, you can quickly get up and running

Using Microsoft Power BI in Data Engineering

We have a lot of discussions with clients about a desire to do “better reporting”. They have been using Power BI but feel they now need a data warehouse to create reports that will give them all the info they need. Fundamentally, organizations often have an analytics problem, one for which a data warehouse forms part of the solution, however, the complexities lie in the data. Often organizations have already applied significant expertise to the problem, and while they understand a lot about the problems, they have reached some difficult data challenges requiring external expertise.

The Power of DevOps in Business Intelligence

Common pain points experienced when building Business Intelligence (BI) data assets and how Imaginet uses DevOps to mitigate them.
If you’re a Business Intelligence developer, have you experienced some of these challenges?

The Power of DevOps in Business Intelligence

Learn how DevOps can help you accelerate your business intelligence initiatives. Discover how DevOps tools and processes can improve data collection, organization, and analysis to unlock the power of insights. Unlock the power of DevOps for better business decisions today.

What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the work that brings data from one or more sources and shapes it, validates it, cleans it, correlates it, and (often) stores it, and it’s a lot of what we do at Imaginet.

Getting Ready For Your First Power BI Project

Get ready to take your data analysis to the next level with Power BI. Learn how to create stunning visuals, build interactive dashboards, and share insights with your team. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be ready for your first project

Power Query Function for Dense Ranking

Get started quickly with Power Query functions for dense ranking. Leverage powerful formulas to rank, group, and identify data. Streamline your data analysis process and save time with the right Power Query functions. Quickly create accurate results with our robust set of..

Power Query for Azure Tables and Updating Column Names

Power Query for Azure Tables is a powerful data transformation and analysis tool that allows you to quickly connect, transform, and analyze your data from a variety of sources. Get started today with Power Query for Azure Tables and unlock the power of your data.

Scaling Azure SQL databases up and down

With Azure SQL, you can easily scale your databases up and down to meet your changing needs. Get the most out of your data with automated scaling, performance tuning, and cost optimization. Make sure your database is always running at its best with Azure SQL