Mike Diehl

Mike Diehl is the practice lead for Databases and Business Intelligence at Imaginet Resources, a Microsoft partner with offices in Dallas, Calgary, and Winnipeg. Mike has over 20 years of experience using Microsoft database technologies and is an expert in Agile Analytics, Scrum, Kanban, and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

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Adapting to Change: How to Do It and Why It’s Essential  

Some organizations are risk averse which often means they avoid change to reduce risk. This is a false economy, in my opinion. Sometimes, clients ask Imaginet to help them with failed and delayed projects, and for us to be successful, often we need to facilitate cultural change within the organization. When we have the right support in the organization, adapting to change can happen.   When an organization avoids change, especially in software projects, they keep the same code and ignore technical debt, and continue using older versions of components, along with whatever workarounds (hacks) that have been put in place. At some point, they are forced to make changes … Read more

SQL Saturday Part 2: Learning About Microsoft Fabric 

I’ve been digging into Microsoft Fabric recently – well overdue, since it was first released about a year ago. At the recent SQL Saturday Atlanta event I attended in early February 2024, I took the opportunity to learn from the sessions and speakers that were discussing aspects of Fabric. Shabnam Watson, John Kerski, Stephanie Bruno, and Stacey Rudoy were some of the speakers I learned from. They showed me many other resources for learning more about Fabric, including a great blog by Sandeep Pawar, also known as https://fabric.guru/    I’ve been thinking about some of my clients and how Imaginet has architected their data analytics ecosystems, or how I might … Read more

My Trip to SQL Saturday Atlanta (BI Edition): Part 1 

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend SQL Saturday Atlanta (BI edition), a free annual event for data professionals and enthusiasts held in Alpharetta Georgia. I spoke at this conference a year ago, and I was glad to have one of my abstracts selected so I could return this year.   SQL Saturdays are a great opportunity for me to volunteer and give back to the community with my experience, but also for me to learn from others. New speakers are encouraged, and the Data Speaker Community is a worldwide family of friends where everyone is welcomed. Keep your eye on https://sqlsaturday.com/ for events near you or calls for speaker … Read more

Microsoft Fabric: OneLake Provides a Unified Data Lake  

Have you been hearing the buzz about Microsoft Fabric?   The Data Engineering and Business Intelligence team at Imaginet has been watching with interest the development of Fabric since it was announced in March 2023. As data professionals with deep expertise in the Microsoft stack of data analytics products, we’ve already been using many of the pieces of Fabric and we’re excited to see how they are evolving.  Microsoft Fabric brings together several data products into a more unified experience, including Azure Synapse for querying data sources, Azure Data Factory for performing ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load), and Power BI for showing data in dashboard or paginated forms. These products have … Read more

Power BI Licensing Simplified

Get the most out of Power BI with our simplified licensing options. We offer a range of plans to fit your needs, from basic to enterprise-level. With our easy-to-understand pricing and support, you can quickly get up and running

Using Microsoft Power BI in Data Engineering

We have a lot of discussions with clients about a desire to do “better reporting”. They have been using Power BI but feel they now need a data warehouse to create reports that will give them all the info they need. Fundamentally, organizations often have an analytics problem, one for which a data warehouse forms part of the solution, however, the complexities lie in the data. Often organizations have already applied significant expertise to the problem, and while they understand a lot about the problems, they have reached some difficult data challenges requiring external expertise.

The Power of DevOps in Business Intelligence

Common pain points experienced when building Business Intelligence (BI) data assets and how Imaginet uses DevOps to mitigate them.
If you’re a Business Intelligence developer, have you experienced some of these challenges?

What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the work that brings data from one or more sources and shapes it, validates it, cleans it, correlates it, and (often) stores it, and it’s a lot of what we do at Imaginet.

Getting Ready For Your First Power BI Project

Get ready to take your data analysis to the next level with Power BI. Learn how to create stunning visuals, build interactive dashboards, and share insights with your team. With our step-by-step guide, you’ll be ready for your first project

Power Query Function for Dense Ranking

Get started quickly with Power Query functions for dense ranking. Leverage powerful formulas to rank, group, and identify data. Streamline your data analysis process and save time with the right Power Query functions. Quickly create accurate results with our robust set of..