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Customized Modern Search Experiences with PnP Search Web Parts

Today, PnP Search is often used in SharePoint to create customized search pages and result displays. This results in a fully custom modern search experience. It is equipped with features such as Refiners, Pagination, Sorting, and Highlighting, which make it easier to refine and present search results. PnP search is made up of four web parts: 1. PnP search results 2. PnP search box 3. PnP search filters 4. PnP search vertical.  Below is an example of how to tailor the search experience: To create a search page such as the above example, the first step is to include a search box. Search box allows you to type in search … Read more

What is Microsoft Dataverse?

As data is the center of how we build an application, Dataverse is designed to be a central data repository to help you get the most out of your data, and it is more than just a database.

Dataverse is smart, it knows what good data management should be. Based on the shape of your data, Dataverse will smartly index it, store it, and make it accessible for different areas where your application land.