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New Application Development Projects Enhance Resource Management 

New Application Development Projects Enhance Resource Management 

A telecommunications organization contacted Imaginet for assistance on 2 new application development projects. The first was a portfolio tracker, and the second was an office furniture ordering application.   

Portfolio Tracker   

The portfolio tracker we built for our client tracks and manages the various budgets they have across different departments. Our client has several districts and district managers, and they needed a way to track budgets across these districts and departments. Another aspect of the portfolio tracker is managing tech deployments within the organization. For example, if a boardroom needs a new projector (or other tech) they’ll go through a process to request the needed technology. Our tool allows for the proper management and tracking of these orders and requests.    

Additionally, this tool helps with synching and exporting. The portfolio tracker receives exports from their other systems which will be imported into our tool. Therefore, the information is kept up to date which helps plan accordingly within each portfolio.   

Corporate Furniture Selection App  

If people or departments want new office furniture (chairs, desks, etc.), they place their order through this tool. It allows them to select their desired style, color, design, etc. Think of it as an online store where people can select the item they want, add it to their cart, and then “check out” as you would when online shopping.   

The tool also shows what each product looks like. You can select your desired color and update the image to reflect the chosen color. Essentially, every feature one would get online shopping was available in the tool we created for our client.   

There is a way for people to administer the process, control which items are available, and track which items are being ordered. This empowers people and departments to order the furniture they want/need and have some choice in the way their office space will look.   

When an “order” is “placed” it doesn’t automatically ensure the employee will receive that item. Rather, it places a request. This allows each order to be vetted and approved so employees can’t spend company resources on unneeded products. 

Once an order is placed, there is a way for the necessary individuals to track the furniture. We provided instructions to our client explaining how to access this system and how to access specific order details. They can also view the status of each order and administrators receive notifications of order status. 

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New Application Development

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