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Project Summaries

For over 25 years, Imaginet has been at the forefront of the software industry as a globally-recognized premier consulting and software development company.

Power BI Reporting Improves Data Quality and Accuracy

Imaginet Resources CorpJan 16, 20244 min read

An Information Technology organization specializing in business solutions contacted Imaginet to create a more effective approach to their data reporting. They had been using Excel for reporting purposes and relied on manual manipulation of their data. Using Excel was neither…

Effective Data Reporting Leads to Data Accuracy and Consistency

Imaginet Resources CorpDec 27, 20234 min read

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food asked Imaginet for a solution to provide more effective data reporting across all factories. They had been using PowerPoint slides to report key production metrics, which led to errors…

Migrating to Azure Data Factory Leads to Improved Security and Improved ROI

Imaginet Resources CorpNov 28, 20235 min read

A major Canadian oil & gas company reached out to Imaginet to rewrite some of the old infrastructure they currently had in place and pursue an Azure Data Factory migration. Imaginet had built their data warehouse 10 years ago, but…

Upgraded Development Stack Improves Data Governance & Quality

Imaginet Resources CorpNov 21, 20233 min read

A leading real estate and financial services asset management company needed assistance migrating their legacy on-premises data environment that had become difficult to manage. Some key parts of the legacy system relied on Microsoft Excel and a web application. Loading…

Re-Designed Reporting Solutions Improves Data Accuracy and Auditing

Imaginet Resources CorpOct 10, 20233 min read

A provincial agricultural services corporation was experiencing challenges with its reporting solution. They were starting to use Power BI to replace operational reports that had previously used data from a DB/2 operational database. With data often duplicated and limited staff…

Correlating Financial Data With Donor Data Enables New Insights and Analysis 

Imaginet Resources CorpAug 11, 20233 min read

The advancement services department of a Canadian university was frustrated with its limited reporting capabilities. They needed a solution that could efficiently produce reports while keeping their sensitive data secure so that they could provide more frequent and detailed donor…

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