Case Study

Enterprise Content Management. Modernized.

From planning to implementation and post-project support, Imaginet helped one organization modernize their approach to enterprise content by leveraging Microsoft SharePoint.

Business Situation:

One of Canada’s leading electric system operator organizations was seeking to move off legacy file shares and on to an enterprise collaboration system using Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise. The goal was to leverage SharePoint’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools to help improve productivity and modernize their organization.

Solution Story:

Imaginet was responsible for building the entire SharePoint ecosystem for this organization’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution and ensured the solution would survive past Imaginet’s implementation.

Imaginet’s expert services include:

• Strategy Briefing session
• Architectural Briefing session
• Business Requirements Capture session to develop an information architecture
• Introduction and Plan for a governance ecosystem
• Implementation of governance policies and principles for end users, developers, and operational staff
• Identification of roles and gaps required to support the solution
• Recommendations for support
• Design and implementation of a SharePoint stretched farm
• Organizational Change Management
• Site template design creation and development, SharePoint applications and solutions
• Capture and implementation of all enterprise content types, columns, workflows, and notifications
• Training for all administrators, developers, power users, and end users
• Implementation of SharePoint ALM governance best practices

Total Duration: 24 months
  1. Why Businesses Choose SharePoint for Their Enterprise Content Management System
  2. Imaginet SharePoint Service Offering

value provided

  • Enhanced collaboration with a unified enterprise content management (ECM) solution
  • Improved productivity through the use of SharePoint workflows and document automation.
  • Time is saved for when employees need access to important information in a matter of seconds.
  • Solid architecture based on best practices for a long-term yet agile solution.

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