Project Summary

Revised Application Improves Product Quality & Business Development  

Revised Application Improves Product Quality & Business Development  

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food that Imaginet does ongoing work for identified a legacy application they were looking to modernize. The old Java application was slow, with redundant data columns and information and a compressed view that made it difficult to view and analyze all the data. The client asked Imaginet to create a revised application to enhance data management, nominal feed, and user-level permissions.  

The Imaginet Application Development team created a new application using .NET Core 6.0 on the back-end and Visual Studio 2022. We utilized Visual Studio Code to develop the front end with Angular 14. We implemented a REST API and, within that, used Entity Framework Core to interact with the database. After identifying the necessary back-end endpoints, we created handlers (the endpoint that gets the information we need and retrieves the data from the required tables). Using DBeaver, we could interact and access data for DB2, the main backbone of the data and database tables. Additionally, C# Web API provided a supplementary data source for the application. 

The primary use of the app is to review recent campaigns to measure the production reliability of dry pet food factories using KPI metrics to improve quality. The restructured Imaginet version includes a custom and user-friendly view that allows users to compare different fields, review calculated metrics, make data changes, and identify incomplete data so it can be reviewed, completed, or deleted. Additionally, the enhanced application focuses on targeting information sources, so KPI calculations meet the standards and leads to quality data, making it is easier to make informed business decisions. 

We set up various levels of access dependent on credentials. The client’s internal security service reviews anyone trying to access the application by verifying application IDs, ensuring the API is secure and only accessible with the proper security authorization.  

With their new, adaptable and revised application, the long-term client is in a better position to tackle operational issues. They have an increased level of team visibility, performance, and quality – in both product and process.  

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Technologies Used

  • .Net Core 6.0
  • Angular 14
  • C# Web API
  • IBM DB2
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Azure DevOps
  • SQL Server Management Studio
  • DBeaver
  • Visual Studio 2022
  • Visual Studio Core
Revised Application

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