The Imaginet Difference: Boutique In Size with Big Results 

April 09, 2024

Since 1997, Imaginet has been a proud Microsoft Partner. We offer a variety of Microsoft-related consulting, implementation, and design services for the Microsoft tech stack. Some of these services include enterprise content and records management, data architecture and engineering, application development, SharePoint migration, and more. Despite the numerous services we offer, we have always been boutique in size.  

Our full-time staff is spread out across North America – we don’t hire contractors, nor do we ever outsource our work. Why is our boutique size important? How does this make us unique? We provide services similar to other Microsoft Partners across North America, yet our approach is completely different: we prioritize relationships.  

Many of our clients have been with us for years. This is because retention of Imaginet employees is crucial to our success. When individuals work together for long periods, it is only natural for work streams to become more efficient. There is an understanding of the way each team and individual works, allowing us to deliver high-end results both efficiently and timely. The benefits of being accustomed to how your fellow employees work are often overlooked, yet it’s something that should never be taken for granted. We see the benefits of it all the time in the way people communicate and work together daily.  

Despite some of our team working remotely, it doesn’t hinder our employee’s ability to make meaningful connections with one another. You might say that we have mastered the art of communication and connectivity. While it is important to foster relationships in the office, we also make sure people have ways to connect outside the office. Providing employees with the space and time to connect on a personal level outside of the work environment is incredibly important. Again, something that is all too often overlooked.  

As a relatively new hire, it was refreshing to enter a work environment where people are truly recognized as people. Our lives outside of work are acknowledged and appreciated. Meetings are often filled with jokes and laughter, without sacrificing the work that needs to be done. I look forward to work events when I can catch up with colleagues I haven’t seen in a while. People fail to realize how important this is to the success of an organization and the success of their employees.  

Not only do we prioritize relationships internally, but involving our clients in the process also takes precedence. You always know where the project stands, and your feedback is taken into consideration. Your satisfaction with the completed project is essential, and we ensure our clients always have a voice. We also provide training on any new solution to make sure you are getting the most out of the work we provide.  

Our knowledge of the entire Microsoft Cloud allows us to create complex Cloud solutions that span multiple Microsoft products. Our team is quick to diagnose problems or challenges your organization is facing and can quickly understand the solution needed. Our capabilities are unmatched in this regard.  

Our boutique size is what makes Imaginet Imaginet. Yes, we are small, but we will always deliver big results. The process of carefully selecting new talent and retaining them will forever be top of mind for us.  

Thank you for reading! If you have a Microsoft project in mind, we’d love to hear from you. Make sure to subscribe to our blog for all the latest Imaginet tips, tricks, and news.

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