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HR Portal Increases Efficiency & Convenience

HR Portal Increases Efficiency & Convenience

HR Portal Increases Efficiency & Convenience

A leading national retail logistics solutions provider contacted Imaginet to construct a human resources portal. The client had wanted the HR portal for some time and was interested in using SharePoint Online to build it. The portal consisted of three main components – a news site, an onboarding site for new employees, and a training site.

Using the SharePoint Online news feature, we applied a theme and completed the setup with the standard software offerings for the news site. For the onboarding site, we built a Power Automate flow that begins when a new employee is added to the system, producing a destination library with standard documents to download, complete and re-upload, and sending notifications to new users and team administration as users complete documents. For the training site, we used an SPFx web part on the front end that filters according to topic or course code. Users can sign up for a session (receiving details via a flow) or join a waitlist (set up through SharePoint Lists) if the session is at capacity. A flow generates certificates of completion for the sessions, sending a copy to the user and keeping a copy in a separate document library for records.

We also created a custom site team and application extensions in SPFx, to handle CSS changes to the site.

Even though we experienced budget and timeline constraints, our team delivered a portal solution that increases business efficiency and convenience and offered suggestions for a longer-term plan for our clients as they continue to grow.

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HR Intranel Portal on Microsoft SharePoint

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