Site Configuration and Training Helps Organization Capitalize on Existing SharePoint Products  

One of the largest trailer leasing and rental companies in the United States needed assistance building an intranet hub site and department sites for their organization. While they already had a couple of SharePoint sites built, they weren’t being used to their full potential. The client needed direction and guidance to make the most of their products and to get employees and leadership excited to use the sites. Phase one of the project involved assisting with the setup of the client’s hub site and two different department sites as a pilot – IT and Finance. Both departments required separate document libraries for their sub-departments, with custom permissions.  The Imaginet Business … Read more

Microsoft Power Automate Workflows Increase Efficiency for User Creation, Onboarding, and Approvals

An innovative biopharmaceutical organization that Imaginet had previously helped with a SharePoint Online build wanted to automate workflows that were causing a lot of back-and-forth communication and delays in their approval process. Without the necessary knowledge or time to complete the build, the client contacted Imaginet to support the project.   Using Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate, we created a workflow to assist with onboarding new hires and adding external user accounts to their Azure Active Directory environment. Microsoft PowerShell synchronizes the data between the SharePoint Online site and their local Azure Active Directory instance to allow communication between the different systems.  Once a record is created in SharePoint, either … Read more

Optimized Accounts Payable Workflow Increases Efficiency and Organization 

A global provider of learning and development solutions for applications engaged Imaginet to create a SharePoint Online site to track and organize invoices for their organization. Their existing external database held various accounting records, tracking charges and details on vendors, but lacked structure around the invoice approval process and a defined audit trail.   The Imaginet Business Productivity team built a SharePoint site that organizes invoices, routes them for approval, and identifies which ones are paid or outstanding. Workflows, set up with the help of Power Automate, automatically unzip any necessary files when new vendor invoices are uploaded and archive files when an invoice is approved (marked as paid). Bulk exports … Read more

Enhanced Business Process Improves Data Quality, Organization, and Efficiency in Vendor Management System 

A full-service commercial real estate organization had difficulty managing vendor information and requests. Based on the volume of vendors and incoming submissions, it was challenging to keep everything organized, and the process had become increasingly manual. The client approached Imaginet to improve the vendor management process in their SharePoint Online site for them and their customers.   The Imaginet Business Productivity team used Power Apps to create a front-end interface for the portfolio manager. Based on their business requirements, several form types were constructed (e.g., a new request, resubmit a request, deactivate a vendor, reinstate a vendor, update information, etc.). Once a form is submitted, it triggers an update to a … Read more

Simplified Search and Automation Improves Policy Management Process

Improve policy management process with search and automation technology. Streamline data entry, quickly identify policy conflicts, and improve accuracy with simplified administrative processes. Get started today and experience the benefits of improved policy management.

A Rise in Employee Engagement From Custom SharePoint Online Hub Site

Imaginet was contacted by a well-revered, full-service civil engineering firm to design and launch an intranet portal. When their existing employee engagement intranet contract was coming to an end, the organization decided they preferred a more detailed, collaborative solution – something with a consistent and familiar feel to other tools they already used. As the company already utilized Microsoft Teams internally, it made sense for their new hub site to be created in SharePoint Online. We developed the site to meet their needs for clear company communication, document storage, and organization. Imaginet created a custom hub site featuring accurate company branding, simple navigation across departments, and changeable web parts/widgets. With the help … Read more

Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365

Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365 Achieved with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, & Business Process Automation A leading training and consulting organization specializing in the automotive industry enlisted the help of Imaginet to modernize its content storage solution and strengthen project processes. During discovery, Imaginet uncovered content and collaboration challenges, resulting in a project framework and scope that would best help them address their concerns. By utilizing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, we created a unified work environment for their internal teams and external partners to work in that improved their content organization and allowed for enhanced teamwork. With the help of Power Automate Flow, we constructed custom templates … Read more

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Migration Modernizes Email & Strengthens Security

A cutting-edge biopharmaceutical organization engaged Imaginet to assist with their migration from Google Suite to Microsoft Office 365 and develop an intranet for their team. While the organization wanted to complete the work internally due to the sensitive nature of its data, it recognized the importance of using current best practices and techniques. Imaginet provided best-in-class industry expertise and knowledge to the client, supporting them with the project setup and any technical issues encountered. With Imaginet’s guidance, the client was able to transfer and create a process for standardized document storage and organization in SharePoint and OneDrive. We also helped them properly structure their Microsoft Teams instance to guarantee a smooth rollout … Read more

First-Rate Techniques and Training Expedite Modern SharePoint Intranet

A well-established financial institution came to Imaginet looking for assistance with the migration and design of its new intranet. They felt their existing intranet was outdated, and they were looking to move to something with a more modern look and feel. Imaginet successfully guided them through their data transfer and provided expert advice on the necessary pieces of technology and the implementation of best practices. With the expertise of the Imaginet team, the organization was able to build a hub site and create and deploy a custom department site in their new tenant.Our specialized, on-call recorded training included details on creating site collections in SharePoint Online, document storage (specific to folders … Read more

Employee Engagement Soars With Custom SharePoint Online Hub Site

A well-revered, full-service civil engineering firm contacted Imaginet to design and launch an intranet portal for their team. When their existing employee intranet contract ended, they decided they wanted a more comprehensive and collaborative solution – something with a consistent and familiar feel to other tools they already used. Since the organization already utilized Microsoft Teams, it made sense to create their new hub site with SharePoint Online. We developed the hub site to meet their needs for clear communication, dynamic document storage, and organization. Imaginet created a custom hub site featuring precise branding, simple navigation across departments, and changeable web parts/widgets. With the help of Power Automate, we developed two … Read more