Project Summary

Updated Parcel Tracking Portal Allows Customers to Access Most Recent Business Features

Updated Parcel Tracking Portal Allows Customers to Access Most Recent Business Features

A leading Canadian retail logistics provider had an existing parcel tracking portal based on a .NET 5 backend and a React frontend. However, these technologies had become outdated relative to their business processes due to a lack of resources to support them at the required pace. As a result, their customers had no access to the most recent business features. They contacted Imaginet to develop an updated portal for parcel tracking and to reduce the effort required for future support and development. 

To fulfill the client’s requirements, Imaginet developed a new portal which included the following features: 

  1. Up-to-date business advancements, such as various search criteria for customers and extended access for authorized users. 
  2. A progressive web application that customers and staff can download. With the ability to save the front-end application, they won’t have to wait for it to load the next time they need it. 
  3. Implementation of Blazor for the frontend rather than React. This reduced the learning curve for developers since both frontend and backend logic and data structures can be written using C# 
  4. A code-first database development to support a DevOps workflow and eliminate errors due to missed database updates. 

With this project, we also introduced new Blazor technology and followed clean architecture principles so our client will have a good reference design for future projects and reduce the learning curve.  

Blazor is a new framework from Microsoft intended to replace current JavaScript/Typescript-based frameworks. It allows developers to write logic for web page applications using the same C# language they use to write server-side software. Also, it supports sharing the same data structures and validations between web page apps and backend server applications, reducing the amount of code that needs to be written. You can read more about Blazor here.  

With an updated portal in place, our client can now provide their latest business features to their customers. 

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Technologies Used

  • NET 6  
  • ASP.NET Core 6 
  • Entity Framework Core 6 
  • C#  
  • MediatR  
  • Fluent Validation 
  • Microsoft Identity Platform  
  • Blazor 
  • WebAssembly 
  • Progressive Web Application 
  • HTML5/CSS3  
  • JSON  
  • JavaScript  
  • xUnit  
  • bUnit 
  • Moq 
  • Azure DevOps 
  • DBMS  
  • Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio   
  • RDBMS 
  • SQL Server 2019  
  • SQL Stored procedures 
  • Git   
  • Visual Studio 2022 

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