How to use SharePoint to Manage Regulatory Compliance

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Discover how to effectively manage regulatory compliance using SharePoint. Learn how a proper information architecture and site taxonomy can enhance search, collaboration, productivity, and compliance. Understand the steps to achieve compliance, including understanding requirements, developing policies, creating a compliance site, assigning ownership, and monitoring compliance. Stay compliant, avoid penalties, and ensure good data governance with SharePoint.

Boost Employee Engagement and Knowledge Management with a Modern Employee Hub

Boost employee engagement and knowledge management with a modern employee hub. Our platform helps you create an engaging workplace, increase collaboration, and empower employees to take ownership of their learning. Get started today and see the difference it makes in your organization.

Understanding Organization-Wide Signatures and Disclaimers in M365

Organization-wide signatures and disclaimers are a valuable feature in Microsoft 365 (M365) for creating a consistent and professional appearance for all emails sent from your organization. These signatures can include your company’s logo, contact information, and other important details, and can be automatically added to all emails sent by employees. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the organization-wide signatures and disclaimers feature in M365 and how to create an organization-wide signature.

Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365

Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365 Achieved with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, & Business Process Automation A leading training and consulting organization specializing in the automotive industry enlisted the help of Imaginet to modernize its content storage solution and strengthen project processes. During discovery, Imaginet uncovered content and collaboration challenges, resulting in a project framework and scope that would best help them address their concerns. By utilizing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, we created a unified work environment for their internal teams and external partners to work in that improved their content organization and allowed for enhanced teamwork. With the help of Power Automate Flow, we constructed custom templates … Read more

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Migration

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Imaginet successfully migrated a national museum’s high availability, on-premises email environment to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online, modernizing their email services from a Microsoft Exchange 2013 hybrid, on-premises environment. Imaginet enabled hybrid mode on the client’s Exchange Server and connected to Exchange Online, and migrated over 700 mailboxes and moved resources and shared mailboxes. Imaginet proposed security recommendations, set up Microsoft Defender for Office 365, constructed a decommissioning plan, and executed an update for Office 365 and Exchange 2019 hybrid. The project scope increased, but Imaginet stayed close to the original budget and delivered additional value by minimizing costs and providing hands-on Exchange Online administration and Azure Active Directory (AD) MFA training.

How Imaginet’s Business Productivity Practice Delivers a Project

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In this blog post, I wanted to walk you, a hopefully potential customer, through a rough idea of how my team delivers a project. There are many different types of projects, from migrations, Intranet builds, process automation, and even fully custom development for features that M365 doesn’t capture. But today, I will walk through the simplest one, a single process automation project.