Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365

Enhanced Team Collaboration & Content Organization with Microsoft 365 Achieved with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, & Business Process Automation A leading training and consulting organization specializing in the automotive industry enlisted the help of Imaginet to modernize its content storage solution and strengthen project processes. During discovery, Imaginet uncovered content and collaboration challenges, resulting in a project framework and scope that would best help them address their concerns. By utilizing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online, we created a unified work environment for their internal teams and external partners to work in that improved their content organization and allowed for enhanced teamwork. With the help of Power Automate Flow, we constructed custom templates … Read more

Web Apps vs WinUI 3 Apps for small, custom applications


Discover the benefits of Web Apps vs WinUI Apps for small custom applications with Imaginet’s latest blog post. Learn about the cross-platform compatibility and easy deployment of Web Apps, and the native performance and modern design capabilities of WinUI Apps. Choose the right platform for your project based on your specific needs and requirements. Read Imaginet’s expert analysis now!

Preparing for Next Level Knowledge Management in Microsoft Office 365 – Project Cortex

Project Cortex

Get ready for the future of knowledge management with Microsoft Office 365 Project Cortex. With this powerful tool, you can easily organize and share information across your organization, enabling teams to work smarter and faster. Unlock the potential of your data with Project Cortex.