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Kyle Thorburn has been helping organizations implement Microsoft cloud solutions for the past 10 years. As Business Development Manager at Imaginet, he helps clients further adopt Office 365 and Azure across the enterprise.

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SharePoint Embedded: Full Featured SharePoint Inside a Custom Application 

Custom applications that require a lot of document management have always been a challenge to build. Historically, we would build an ASP.NET application and then pass content back and forth to Azure blog storage or make the document available for immediate download (but not store the document in the application after the download is complete). Microsoft has released SharePoint Embedded, a new way to store and manage content in custom applications. SharePoint Embedded offers a headless, API-only pattern to build content apps that integrate management capabilities like collaboration, security, and compliance into any app by storing content inside an enterprise’s existing Microsoft 365 tenant.  Enterprises can use SharePoint Embedded to … Read more

CoPilot For Microsoft Teams: A Smart Assistant

How CoPilot can help you make the most of your online meetings  I’ve been using CoPilot within my Teams meetings for a few months and am really enjoying it. This might be the one-use case for CoPilot that on its own justifies the monthly cost of CoPilot for M365 (approx. $30). Let’s review the basics of CoPilot for Teams Meetings for those that are not using it yet.   What is CoPilot?  CoPilot is a smart assistant that integrates with Microsoft Teams and helps you manage your online meetings more effectively. CoPilot can:  What are the features of CoPilot?  CoPilot offers a range of features to enhance your online meeting experience. … Read more

Imaginet’s Experience with GitHub CoPilot 

GitHub CoPilot is a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help developers write code faster and better. It is powered by OpenAI Codex, a large-scale neural network that has been trained on billions of lines of public code. GitHub CoPilot can generate code snippets, tests, functions, and entire classes based on natural language descriptions or comments.  I have been curious about GitHub CoPilot ever since it was announced in 2021, but I was also skeptical about how well it could handle the complex and dynamic nature of software development. We started testing it around the middle of 2023 and had a mix of developer skill level (jr, int, expert) … Read more

eSignature Coming to SharePoint via Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex brings eSignature capabilities to SharePoint. Learn how this integration boosts productivity and efficiency.

Getting Ready for Copilot in M365 

Announcing Microsoft Copilot  Microsoft recently announced Co-Pilot, a new AI model that will allow users to leverage OpenAI’s Large Language Model (LLM), often known as ChatGPT, within M365. You can read all the specifics of the announcement here. Many of our M365 clients are excited about CoPilot and are asking us how best to prepare for the release of Microsoft CoPilot later this year.  The guidance we are giving them is based on this section of the product description:  “CoPilot is integrated into Microsoft 365 in two ways. It works alongside you, embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps you use every day — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more — … Read more

How to use SharePoint to Manage Regulatory Compliance

Discover how to effectively manage regulatory compliance using SharePoint. Learn how a proper information architecture and site taxonomy can enhance search, collaboration, productivity, and compliance. Understand the steps to achieve compliance, including understanding requirements, developing policies, creating a compliance site, assigning ownership, and monitoring compliance. Stay compliant, avoid penalties, and ensure good data governance with SharePoint.

Microsoft Copilot for Power BI 

CoPilot is the ultimate Power BI companion. It helps you quickly and easily create stunning visuals, analyze data, and share insights with your team. With CoPilot, you can take your Power BI experience to the next level.

Using Microsoft Power BI – Business Data Analytics for Better Reporting

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool that helps you make better decisions with data-driven insights. With Power BI, you can easily create interactive reports and dashboards to visualize your data and share it with your team. Get started today and unlock

Preparing for Next Level Knowledge Management in Microsoft Office 365 – Project Cortex

Get ready for the future of knowledge management with Microsoft Office 365 Project Cortex. With this powerful tool, you can easily organize and share information across your organization, enabling teams to work smarter and faster. Unlock the potential of your data with Project Cortex.

7 Rapid Ways to Maximize Business Process Automation with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides powerful tools to help businesses automate their processes. Learn how to use M365 to streamline your workflow, reduce manual labor, and increase efficiency. Discover the 7 best ways to maximize business process automation with M365 today.