Staying Current with Technology: The Benefits & Drawbacks

Staying Current with Technology

Recently Microsoft announced several updates for their flagship technologies. These updates included a new version of .NET, .NET 8, as well as updates to Entity Framework Core, .NET Maui, and more. These updates are not limited to Microsoft either – Angular recently released Angular 17. Every year there are new updates and versions released for many development technologies, but should you be updating your applications every year? Here are a few points to consider:  New Features  The first and most obvious benefit is the new features updates provide. Generally, these features introduce benefits like quality-of-life changes for developers, which help development go faster, easier, or become more streamlined. Sometimes, new … Read more

Application Update Leads to Improved Performance and Functionality

A provider of real estate advisory services contacted Imaginet to assist them with an application we had previously developed for them. Most of the application was developed using .Net framework 4.8, which is now outdated. The application’s front end was developed with version 8, but now Angular 16 is the most updated and recent version. An application update would improve the overall use, performance, security, and functionality of the application itself.   Our Solution  The application required an update so it would use .Net core and Angular 16 as the frontend. The client also requested other fixes that would improve the performance, such as moving some data processing from the Angular … Read more

Different Selection of .net Data Structure Has a Positive Impact on Performance 

.net Data Structure

Today, programmers often fail to consider the performance impact of certain programming choices. Computers have, and continue to, advance and their seemingly unlimited memory results in a programmer’s lack of programming considerations. In one of my recent projects, I had to search reference data from multiple large lists of data (between 500 – 4000 entries in each list) from a numeric ID field in another large list of objects. In this blog, I will explore the positive impacts a different selection of .net data structure can have on performance.    Adopting the standard naive approach of storing the reference data in a List and then using a LINQ query to … Read more

Understanding Microsoft Syntex: The Power of Intelligent Document Processing

Organizations deal with vast amounts of information in the form of documents, emails, and other structured or unstructured content. Unraveling valuable insights from these data sources can often pose a significant challenge. In today’s digital age, with the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, organizations have powerful tools like Microsoft Syntex to streamline document processing and enhance productivity.   Microsoft Syntex is content AI integrated in flow of work. Content AI transforms how content is created, processed, and discovered. Microsoft Syntex is a solution built on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint and powered by Artificial Intelligence. This helps organizations automate content processing, extract valuable information, and increase … Read more

Using Configuration Files When Developing Projects with Xcode

For most products, having separate environments for testing and production is common. If you’re building an iPhone application (which utilizes a backend API service) you’ll likely have a variable containing the environment endpoint value. For simple applications, configuration changes could be managed using a debug conditional compiler directive. However, with larger projects or when targeting several environments, a more robust solution is required due to the project’s complex nature. In this case, we would use configuration files.   Configuration Files:  Xcode utilizes a simple file format, xcconfig, to manage application configuration externally from the project file or source code. These files consist of a collection of key-value pairs and can be … Read more

New Application Provides Online Hub for Neurodiverse Individuals to Collaborate

A major Canadian university reached out to Imaginet to create an application that provided an online resource for neurodiverse people and their families. The goal was to provide a space where neurodiverse individuals could share stories or provide insight into the practices that have helped them overcome challenges in their day-to-day lives. This online resource would give people facing similar challenges a safe space to communicate with one another.   The Imaginet Application Development team used C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, and Orchard to build the entire website and application from scratch. Orchard is a CMS service with several built-in tools, which allowed Imaginet to streamline the whole process and ensure end users … Read more

The Imaginet Difference – Application Development Approach – Part Three: Development, Implementation, Stabilization, & Delivery

Learn how Microsoft is using number matching in their Authenticator App to improve the security of personal information. Discover how number matching is one of the best ways to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity and reduce risks of online threats.

Enhanced Business Process Improves Data Quality, Organization, and Efficiency in Vendor Management System 

A full-service commercial real estate organization had difficulty managing vendor information and requests. Based on the volume of vendors and incoming submissions, it was challenging to keep everything organized, and the process had become increasingly manual. The client approached Imaginet to improve the vendor management process in their SharePoint Online site for them and their customers.   The Imaginet Business Productivity team used Power Apps to create a front-end interface for the portfolio manager. Based on their business requirements, several form types were constructed (e.g., a new request, resubmit a request, deactivate a vendor, reinstate a vendor, update information, etc.). Once a form is submitted, it triggers an update to a … Read more

The Imaginet Difference – Application Development Approach – Part Two: Analysis & Design

Learn how Microsoft is using number matching in their Authenticator App to improve the security of personal information. Discover how number matching is one of the best ways to enhance your organization’s cybersecurity and reduce risks of online threats.