QR Code Phishing Attacks: Are You Protected?

QR Code Phishing Attacks

QR code phishing attacks or “Quishing” are on the rise, and it’s crucial to raise awareness about this evolving threat. Scanning these codes has become second nature to many of us, but have we fully considered the potential risks they pose?  The use of QR codes have become increasingly popular due to the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is easier to access information, websites, and services all while minimizing the risk of spreading germs. Since QR codes are more common than ever, it has led to the rise of QR code scams. It’s essential to be aware of the risks they pose and to be able to identify … Read more

Virtual Workspaces Are Here! How Will You Use Them? 

My YouTube feed has been full of reviews of the Apple Vision Pro since it became available in the US on February 2. In one of the videos, the content creator used the Vision Pro for working on his script, and several other tasks around his house (See video). This intrigued me and I wondered what it would be like to code in a virtual environment and create virtual workspaces. I don’t have $4k lying around and the Vision Pro isn’t available in Canada yet. So, my ability to try it was rather limited.  For Christmas 2023, I bought myself a Meta Quest 3 headset. Thanks in part to our … Read more

SharePoint Embedded: Full Featured SharePoint Inside a Custom Application 

SharePoint Embedded

Custom applications that require a lot of document management have always been a challenge to build. Historically, we would build an ASP.NET application and then pass content back and forth to Azure blog storage or make the document available for immediate download (but not store the document in the application after the download is complete). Microsoft has released SharePoint Embedded, a new way to store and manage content in custom applications. SharePoint Embedded offers a headless, API-only pattern to build content apps that integrate management capabilities like collaboration, security, and compliance into any app by storing content inside an enterprise’s existing Microsoft 365 tenant.  Enterprises can use SharePoint Embedded to … Read more

CoPilot For Microsoft Teams: A Smart Assistant

CoPilot For Microsoft Teams

How CoPilot can help you make the most of your online meetings  I’ve been using CoPilot within my Teams meetings for a few months and am really enjoying it. This might be the one-use case for CoPilot that on its own justifies the monthly cost of CoPilot for M365 (approx. $30). Let’s review the basics of CoPilot for Teams Meetings for those that are not using it yet.   What is CoPilot?  CoPilot is a smart assistant that integrates with Microsoft Teams and helps you manage your online meetings more effectively. CoPilot can:  What are the features of CoPilot?  CoPilot offers a range of features to enhance your online meeting experience. … Read more

Custom Global Navigation Using SPFx Application Customizers

SPFx Custom Applications

Out-of-the-box navigation in SharePoint Online has come a long way over the last number of years. Hub sites and hub site navigation provide much more customizability and consistency for navigating around a hub. However, modern intranets in SharePoint Online are generally made up of multiple hubs. Maintaining a consistent experience across all those hubs and sites can become a daunting task. While infinitely better than what we’ve had in the past, it still falls short of a truly unified and engaging experience. The ever-expanding lists of links can make it difficult to keep organized and make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for. In this blog, … Read more

Imaginet’s Experience with GitHub CoPilot 

GitHub CoPilot

GitHub CoPilot is a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to help developers write code faster and better. It is powered by OpenAI Codex, a large-scale neural network that has been trained on billions of lines of public code. GitHub CoPilot can generate code snippets, tests, functions, and entire classes based on natural language descriptions or comments.  I have been curious about GitHub CoPilot ever since it was announced in 2021, but I was also skeptical about how well it could handle the complex and dynamic nature of software development. We started testing it around the middle of 2023 and had a mix of developer skill level (jr, int, expert) … Read more

Customizing Lists and Libraries with Custom Actions and Field Extensions Using SPFx 

Using SPFx

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is relatively new, but we can’t stop talking about the benefits it has to offer. SPFx allows you to use modern web technologies and tools in your preferred development environment to build productive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile-ready. In this blog, we are going to discuss how SPFx is fully customizable by using real-time examples as well as the benefits of using SPFx.    Custom Actions  A document library is a great place to store documents. However, managing documents as a part of a process sometimes requires additional manual steps. This can be setting metadata, applying labels, or starting an approval process. While all … Read more

Staying Current with Technology: The Benefits & Drawbacks

Staying Current with Technology

Recently Microsoft announced several updates for their flagship technologies. These updates included a new version of .NET, .NET 8, as well as updates to Entity Framework Core, .NET Maui, and more. These updates are not limited to Microsoft either – Angular recently released Angular 17. Every year there are new updates and versions released for many development technologies, but should you be updating your applications every year? Here are a few points to consider:  New Features  The first and most obvious benefit is the new features updates provide. Generally, these features introduce benefits like quality-of-life changes for developers, which help development go faster, easier, or become more streamlined. Sometimes, new … Read more

SQL Saturday Part 2: Learning About Microsoft Fabric 

Microsoft Fabric

I’ve been digging into Microsoft Fabric recently – well overdue, since it was first released about a year ago. At the recent SQL Saturday Atlanta event I attended in early February 2024, I took the opportunity to learn from the sessions and speakers that were discussing aspects of Fabric. Shabnam Watson, John Kerski, Stephanie Bruno, and Stacey Rudoy were some of the speakers I learned from. They showed me many other resources for learning more about Fabric, including a great blog by Sandeep Pawar, also known as https://fabric.guru/    I’ve been thinking about some of my clients and how Imaginet has architected their data analytics ecosystems, or how I might … Read more

My Trip to SQL Saturday Atlanta (BI Edition): Part 1 

SQL Saturday

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend SQL Saturday Atlanta (BI edition), a free annual event for data professionals and enthusiasts held in Alpharetta Georgia. I spoke at this conference a year ago, and I was glad to have one of my abstracts selected so I could return this year.   SQL Saturdays are a great opportunity for me to volunteer and give back to the community with my experience, but also for me to learn from others. New speakers are encouraged, and the Data Speaker Community is a worldwide family of friends where everyone is welcomed. Keep your eye on https://sqlsaturday.com/ for events near you or calls for speaker … Read more