Project Summary

Modernized Application Results in Increased Productivity and Better Control Over Technology 

Modernized Application Results in Increased Productivity and Better Control Over Technology 

A provincial agricultural services corporation had been using IBM Domino Designer to complete their organization’s projects. Designer is an outdated tool making it difficult to find someone who can support the maintenance of it. Very few developers are familiar with Designer due to its decrease in popularity. They approached Imaginet for assistance in developing a more modern application.

Outdated applications and technology result in a variety of challenges. Making changes or adding additional requirements becomes almost impossible because of the lack of knowledge of these tools. Therefore, our client was experiencing outdated processes resulting in inefficiencies and a harm to productivity. In addition, the client could not see the developer’s activities in the current system.  

The Solution: 

Our client had a few Domino agents with 15 functions varying in size and complexity. The goal was to migrate from AS400 to Azure, a more modern and easily maintained solution. Imaginet provided all the updated developments the client required and ensured they were receiving accurate and consistent data results. The modernized solution allowed for easier support and deployment into Azure.  

The client expressed their desire for endpoints that were similar to their existing solution as they wanted to make as few changes as possible to their existing website. We prepared two types of URLs possessing the same logic – one being the exact same as they had earlier. Therefore, they only had to change the host URL and their frontend was otherwise unchanged. The other was a RESTful endpoint to support the client in upgrading their applications in the future.  

Why the Solution Was Helpful:  
The modern application moved the APIs off aging, legacy platforms and onto a modern, cloud-based, platform. The cloud platform the solution was moved to is one the client is comfortable administering, ensuring they will be able to maintain it moving forward. Developing in C# ensures that developers will be able to maintain the code into the foreseeable future, reducing the need to find developers with specialized knowledge. Updating the code also moved it off the legacy platform and into Azure DevOps, with a modern versioning control system and build and release pipelines for proper tracking and continuous integration and deployment. 

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Technologies Used

  • Azure Portal for Deployment
  • Azure DevOps 
  • .Net 7
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • MS SQL
  • REST
  • Swagger
Modern application

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