Power BI Reports & DevOps Component Improves Data Quality

A major Canadian University had been experiencing issues with discrepancies in their data reports. They had an existing data warehouse across the entire organization, but the data quality was poor and inaccurate. Therefore, they were in need of a solution that could provide overall improved data quality. The client had expressed their desire to keep the data warehouse currently in place. We determined that data collected and presented in Power BI reports would satisfy the client’s data needs.   What We Did: Power BI  We started by doing work in Power BI that allowed the reports to match up with their evaluation criteria, which involved working heavily in SQL. We then … Read more

Centralized Data Reporting Reduces Wait Times and Improves Reliability

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food contacted Imaginet because the data for their health and safety reporting was slow and failing to load properly. They were working with an online platform called Evotix and pulling data from a web URL to build reports. Additionally, they have numerous factories and therefore have high volumes of data to capture. Each of the factories was attempting to take the data from the Evotix platform to build reports but the web URL couldn’t handle many factories requesting large datasets concurrently and was consequently unreliable. They were in need of a centralized data repository, so all their data could be accessible … Read more

Power BI Reporting Improves Data Quality and Accuracy

An Information Technology organization specializing in business solutions contacted Imaginet to create a more effective approach to their data reporting. They had been using Excel for reporting purposes and relied on manual manipulation of their data. Using Excel was neither effective nor efficient, and the manual work was leading to data quality issues. We determined the best solution for our client would be through Power BI reporting.   What We Did:  We recreated some of their existing reports in Power BI and created reports using data from Salesforce based on the following 2 requirements:  We changed their data reporting system report by report. To begin, we created the semantic model in … Read more

Power Automate Solution Automates Processes and Reduces Errors

A North American capital management organization contacted Imaginet to create separate libraries for each of their fund types – direct and indirect. They did not have a solution in place to separate data and were relying on manual work. This led to errors, lost information, and wasted employee resources. We determined a Power Automate solution could solve the issues our client was experiencing.   We used Power Automate to create folder structures in document libraries that were based on data from a list provided by the client. When a new fund was created by someone in the organization a flow would automatically allocate it to the correct library (direct or indirect). … Read more

Updated Data Reporting Leads to Data Accuracy and Consistency

A secondary school specializing in massage therapy contacted Imaginet because they wanted to make better use of an existing SharePoint site. All school files were either contained on a shared drive or personal drives, and the departments using SharePoint had been set up as communication sites as opposed to team sites. Distinguishing between and choosing a Communication Site or Team Site is important. To help decide which you should use, read our Communication vs. Team Site blog.   They required an updated data reporting solution that would better suit their needs. The solution needed to provide more efficient data access, while simultaneously utilizing the existing SharePoint site.   The Problem:  They had … Read more

Effective Data Reporting Leads to Data Accuracy and Consistency

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food asked Imaginet for a solution to provide more effective data reporting across all factories. They had been using PowerPoint slides to report key production metrics, which led to errors and inconsistencies. These inaccuracies were further compounded by failing to validate the data against the actual sources to address data quality issues.   The factories were also building reports independently, so they were inconsistent with one another, and some were reporting on projects outside their scope of responsibility. There were no established data reporting guidelines to adhere to, which led to arguments and confusion. When the PowerPoint reports were shown at … Read more

Updated Applications Optimize Video and Calendar Functions 

A leading Canadian retail logistics provider contacted Imaginet for assistance with two of their existing applications – their calendars and video players. They wanted updated applications that could perform additional functions previously unavailable.   What We Did:  The Calendar:  The existing calendar was not optimized for mobile viewing. We created an application that provided them with an agenda view – similar to the agenda view in Microsoft Teams. The application also gives them the option to select multiple dates when they create new events. This option is unavailable in SharePoint, so we accomplished this by building a custom web part using SPFx React. We created an SPFx React Framework which generated … Read more

Power Apps and Power Automate Makes Accessing and Reporting Relevant Data Simpler

A major global logistics organization reached out to Imaginet to centralize the information contained in their compliance database used to track employee infractions. While this is a global organization, we worked specifically with the Canadian division. Each office has its own set of data, and our client wanted to consolidate that data into one system, yet wanted to keep it logically separate so it did not display every employee’s information. We had worked with this client previously and built a system to track employee injuries. They wanted to replicate that system to track employee infractions. Our Business Productivity Team determined Power Apps and Power Automate would be best suited for what … Read more

Revised Application Improves Product Quality & Business Development  

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food that Imaginet does ongoing work for identified a legacy application they were looking to modernize. The old Java application was slow, with redundant data columns and information and a compressed view that made it difficult to view and analyze all the data. The client asked Imaginet to create a revised application to enhance data management, nominal feed, and user-level permissions.   The Imaginet Application Development team created a new application using .NET Core 6.0 on the back-end and Visual Studio 2022. We utilized Visual Studio Code to develop the front end with Angular 14. We implemented a REST API and, … Read more

Migrating to Azure Data Factory Leads to Improved Security and Improved ROI

A major Canadian oil & gas company reached out to Imaginet to rewrite some of the old infrastructure they currently had in place and pursue an Azure Data Factory migration. Imaginet had built their data warehouse 10 years ago, but changes in technology prompted the client to make changes to their existing data loading processes. We had previously used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to build their data factory, however, migrating to Azure Data Factory had become the better option for their business needs, as they wanted to move from on-premises servers to cloud services in Microsoft Azure.  Our client had started to experience issues with their current on-premises SQL … Read more