Re-Designed Reporting Solutions Improves Data Accuracy and Auditing

A provincial agricultural services corporation was experiencing challenges with its reporting solution. They were starting to use Power BI to replace operational reports that had previously used data from a DB/2 operational database. With data often duplicated and limited staff available to manage the data, they were encountering bottlenecks and governance issues. The client re-engaged Imaginet to help their team re-design their data analytics model and processes.   The client’s approach to replacing their existing reports with Power BI was to build each report with its own dataset from their new operational data store (ODS), which was now hosted in a SQL database. This led to many silos of similar data … Read more

Correlating Financial Data With Donor Data Enables New Insights and Analysis 

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Universal Source of Pricing Solution Provides Data Integrity and Standardization

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food contacted Imaginet to construct a Universal Source of Pricing (USoP) solution to improve data integrity and audit quality. The existing system was complex and utilized Microsoft Excel workbooks to manage pricing forecasting for their numerous product lines. Unfortunately, without any standard data processes and with various managers modifying the data, errors were common and caused confusion within the organization.   Our team created a database with validated data from Excel workbooks. We then leveraged Power Apps and Power Automate to develop an application interface that mimicked the look and feel of an Excel workbook but allowed us to retain controls … Read more

Data Consolidation Elevates Reporting Structure & Business Analysis

The largest oil producer in Manitoba (and long-time partner) contacted Imaginet to implement a unified data warehouse. They needed to report on data from several sources, including PVR (oil production volume reporting system), InterSystems IRIS (financial data system), P2 Qbyte (financial data system), AccuMap (oil and gas mapping software), and WellView (well information management system). While the client had many valuable data points for current and historical perspectives, it was disjointed, time-consuming, and difficult for them to report across the different systems and see the insights that correlated data could reveal. Imaginet used SQL Server Integration Services to load and transform the data into a data warehouse hosted on SQL … Read more

Refined Data Quality and Process Enhancement Streamline Reporting

A global investment manager, asset manager, and service provider contacted Imaginet to help them enhance their data quality and processes. They had numerous data quality issues and relied on a manual approach (using an on-premises system and Microsoft Excel) to clean, check, move, and report on their data. Sometimes it could take up to three weeks to generate a single report, causing a strain on time and resources. Our team used Azure Data Factory to move and transform the data from several sources in their on-premises databases into a cleaner and more digestible data warehouse (using Visual Studio to create and Git to store database schemas) and tabular model. We … Read more

Robust Data Warehouse & Training Improve Data Management & Processes

The fundraising division of a Canadian university was having issues building reports from their donor management system and needed assistance. Complex data structures from Raiser’s Edge made it difficult for them to build a foundation to move forward and adapt over time as the business changed and software updates took place. The client approached Imaginet to develop a new data warehouse and ETL solution to integrate better with Power BI and lay the groundwork for future updates. While the Raiser’s Edge on-premises database was the primary data source, we used cloud resources like Azure Data Factory to orchestrate the data movements from the donor management system into the new warehouse. … Read more

Cloud-Based System & Custom Reporting Delivers Comprehensive View of The Customer

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) organization specializing in pet food approached Imaginet to implement a new cloud-based system for their consumer affairs office. Their existing on-premises environment had a local database, server, and data model that had been in place for over 15 years, and they planned to decommission the legacy server. The customer service system collected data daily from the client’s contact centre (from phone calls, emails, and the consumer web portal). Imaginet imported the call centre data, including images submitted by consumers to support their complaints, and created a user-friendly model that allows the client to produce reports. We sourced data from SharePoint Document Library files and … Read more

Data Centralization & Reporting Automation Improve Business Efficiency

A prominent operator of retirement communities and long-term care homes was looking for a partner to help them clean their data, improve data flows, and centralize data sources. Their Power BI development had become complex, challenging, and time-consuming to load Microsoft Excel/CSV files every month to produce standard reports. To solve the issue, Imaginet constructed a centralized, organized data warehouse, imported the Excel files into tables, and created a Power BI model with improved performance. We used automated processes to bring files from Google Drive into Azure Storage, then used Azure Data Factory to run scripts, load, and transform the data from source files into the data warehouse (built in … Read more

GPS and Fleet Tracking Data Correlation Project

GPS and Fleet Tracking Data Correlation Provides a Holistic View For Sales & Operations A national plant wholesaler that supplies retail stores throughout the United States re-engaged Imaginet to work on a data correlation project. The client has greenhouses and production facilities across the country and a network of trucks to deliver products to various stores. The trucks have been outfitted with J.J. Keller ELDs and use the J.J. Keller Encompass Fleet Management Platform to monitor their GPS locations and other key metrics (e.g., engine RPMs, speed, and braking). In the Encompass system, each retail store has a defined geofence that shows the boundaries of that location, and it can … Read more