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For over 25 years, Imaginet has been at the forefront of the software industry as a globally-recognized premier consulting and software development company.

Enhanced Business Process Improves Data Quality, Organization, and Efficiency in Vendor Management System 

Imaginet Resources CorpAug 22, 20233694

A full-service commercial real estate organization had difficulty managing vendor information and requests. Based on the volume of vendors and incoming submissions, it was challenging to keep everything organized, and the process had become increasingly manual. The client approached Imaginet…

Modernized Application Standardizes Workflows and Contract Approvals  

Imaginet Resources CorpAug 15, 20233568

A full-service commercial real estate organization had an application that they used to manage the contracts for their customers at their various properties. The application was outdated, and the developer at the organization had parted ways, leaving them without anyone…

Correlating Financial Data With Donor Data Enables New Insights and Analysis 

Imaginet Resources CorpAug 11, 20233576

The advancement services department of a Canadian university was frustrated with its limited reporting capabilities. They needed a solution that could efficiently produce reports while keeping their sensitive data secure so that they could provide more frequent and detailed donor…

Simplified Search and Automation Improves Policy Management Process

Rajesh CheemalakondaAug 1, 20233878

A district hospital in Northwestern Ontario approached Imaginet to develop a policy repository using SharePoint Online to improve the storage and management of hospital policies. The previous storage solution lacked specific capabilities, with end users often having difficulty locating certain…

Universal Source of Pricing Solution Provides Data Integrity and Standardization

Imaginet Resources CorpJul 25, 20232723

A well-known consumer packaged goods (CPG) company specializing in pet food contacted Imaginet to construct a Universal Source of Pricing (USoP) solution to improve data integrity and audit quality. The existing system was complex and utilized Microsoft Excel workbooks to…

Web Form Migration & Enhanced UI Improve App Experience   

Rajesh CheemalakondaApr 6, 20233706

A creator of manufacturing and quality management software approached Imaginet to augment their team and assist with the reconstruction of an existing application. They were looking to update their legacy solution where data was accessed on the server side using…

Data Consolidation Elevates Reporting Structure & Business Analysis

Rajesh CheemalakondaJan 5, 20233731

The largest oil producer in Manitoba (and long-time partner) contacted Imaginet to implement a unified data warehouse. They needed to report on data from several sources, including PVR (oil production volume reporting system), InterSystems IRIS (financial data system), P2 Qbyte…

Refined Data Quality and Process Enhancement Streamline Reporting

Rajesh CheemalakondaJan 5, 20233662

A global investment manager, asset manager, and service provider contacted Imaginet to help them enhance their data quality and processes. They had numerous data quality issues and relied on a manual approach (using an on-premises system and Microsoft Excel) to…

Robust Data Warehouse & Training Improve Data Management & Processes

Rajesh CheemalakondaJan 5, 20233590

The fundraising division of a Canadian university was having issues building reports from their donor management system and needed assistance. Complex data structures from Raiser’s Edge made it difficult for them to build a foundation to move forward and adapt…

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